Merino - Extra Fine - Sleeping Bag - Pink - One Size - Fits 3-24 months

$99.95 $155.00

  • Merino - Extra Fine - Sleeping Bag - Pink - One Size - Fits 3-24 months Sleeping Bag Babu


Merino - Extra Fine - Sleeping Bag - Pink - One Size - Fits 3-24 months

$99.95 $155.00

Premium quality 100% merino sleeping bag that fits from age 3 months until 2 years (yes really!)

Made from two layers of warm 100% merino, they are perfect for bedrooms 14-24 degrees celcius.

As merino is a natural, breathable fabric there is no tog rating - just follow Babu's guidelines (below) for what to dress your baby in while wearing the sleeping bag according to room temperature.

What to wear with your Babu Sleeping Bag:

Check your child’s temperature by feeling the back of their neck. If they feel hot, remove a layer. If they’re cold, add a snug fitting hat (where the rim does not pull down over their airways), mittens or a blanket (merino is ideal). Place the blanket width-ways across the child and tuck in snugly. This will stop the blanket moving and covering their face.

For great safe sleep information visit Red Nose (Sids and Kids)

22-24C (71.6-75F) Short sleeve bodysuit
20-22C (68-71.6F) Long sleeve bodysuit
18-20C (64.4-68F) Long sleeve bodysuit & leggings
16-18C (60.8-64.4F) Long sleeve bodysuit & pyjamas
14-16C (57.2-60.8F) As above, with long sleeve tee 


  • Fits from 3 months until 2 years
  • 89cm long
  • Premium quality 100% Merino Wool
  • Two layers of 220 GSM Jersey
  • 19.5 micron
  • Low Fire Danger
  • Armhold dome snaps for a perfect fit
  • Travel slot for use in car seat or pram
  • YKK side zip
  • Babu quality guarantee
  • Easy care
  • Machine washable (follow the instructions on the tag)
  • Designed in New Zealand
  • Made in China

From Babu:

With properties of temperature regulation, moisture wicking, dust mite resistance and hypoallergenic fibres, it is the perfect choice for a great nights sleep. International studies show merino sleepwear and bedding help achieve longer, less interrupted sleep; and as parents, we all know how important that is.




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