Hampstead Tea

Harmony Within You | Organic Herbal Infusion | Fennel & Liquorice | 20 Sachets


  • Harmony Within You | Organic Herbal Infusion | Fennel & Liquorice | 20 Sachets Tea Hampstead Tea

Hampstead Tea

Harmony Within You | Organic Herbal Infusion | Fennel & Liquorice | 20 Sachets


Keeping harmony within you is important to help balance the demands of a busy and impactful life. Fennel and Anise seeds in with selected Liquorice root and peppermints will keep you focused and poised for action. Ideal for new fathers.
  • 20 Sachets
  • Naturally caffeine & gluten free
  • Chlorine/staple free tea sachets
  • Demeter Certification
  • Packaged in the UK
  • Grown ethically & organically in India

** Contains liquorice - people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption

** Contains fennel and liquorice - tea should only be used during pregnancy under medical supervision.

** Contains fennel and liquorice - please consult your health practitioner before using while breastfeeding.


 Liquorice Root, Fennel, Peppermint

Traditional Use

In India, fennel seed is a renowned after dinner digestive and breath freshener, valued for its soothing and balancing effects. Hampstead Tea have blended fennel seeds with liquorice and peppermint leaves to enhance the aromatic qualities. Enjoy after a meal with dessert for a very new tea experience. The herbs in this infusion are cultivated at progressive organic/biodynamic estates, where sustainable and ethical agriculture are practised. Our exceptional herbal infusions have clear, true flavours and are made from nature's finest pure and natural ingredients. We select only the highest quality and most fragrant plants to produce jewel bright infusions to nourish, calm, revive, relax, or stimulate. Meticulous drying of the plants ensures preservation of all their natural oils and health promoting benefits.

Fennel tea is often used by nursing mothers who wish to stimulate their let down reflex and milk supply. Please consult with your health practitioner before considering using fennel tea while breastfeeding. Fennel teas can contain large quantities of fennel and higher doses may decrease milk supply and have side effects on the breast fed baby.

Drinking fennel tea during pregnancy is not recommended without medical supervision.

About Hampstead Tea

Hampstead organic herbal infusions are premium quality teas grown and harvested in a eco-friendly, biodynamic and ethical manner.

The idea originated in 1987 when Kiran met Rajah Banerjee. Energetic and passionate about his beloved Makaibari tea estate in Darjeeling India, he challenged her "we enrich lives at Makaibari, go and do the same thing if you believe you can".

Today the Makaibari tea estate is the world's first certified biodynamic estate and the last owner-managed estate in the district. Here, 66% of the acreage is undisturbed rainforest where tea grows in harmony with the area's natural ecological system.

All Hampstead Tea black green and white teas are made especially at Makaibari for discerning drinkers of tea who appreciate taste and quality. Hampstead Tea herbal infusions also come from biodynamic growers all over the world and are renowned for their clear jewel like liquors and unique health giving properties.

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