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GAIA Natural Baby - Massage Oil


Baby massage is a wonderful way to get to know your baby. The pleasure and benefits for baby and parents are well documented.

GAIA's natural baby massage oil is a simple formulation designed to purely maximise this experience without unnecessary additives.

It contains a blend of:

  • sweet almond oil - nourishes the skin
  • certified organic lavender pure essential oil - soothes and calms
  • certified organic chamomile pure essential oils - pure pleasure


  • Suitable for all ages from birth (including during pregnancy)
  • Absorbs completely without leaving any greasy residue
  • Leaves skin with a healthy glow
  • Doesn't clog pores or cause irritation

Importantly, the pure essential oils make up less than 0.3% of the blend, just enough to cover the nutty smell of the sweet almond oil without interfering with the bonding taking place.


  • 125mL

organic baby massage oil max & michelleSUGGESTED USES:

  • Baby massage
  • General massage for the whole family as well as pregnancy massage
  • Massage into your growing, stretching belly during pregnancy to increase suppleness and elasticity 
  • Add a couple of drops (along with GAIA's Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash) to mum's or bub's bath to provide an even more delightful bath, leaving skin feeling gorgeous!

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BABY MASSAGE (according to bubhub)

  • establishes close, loving communication which provides security and stability
  • help soothe and calm baby
  • promotes deeper and more restful sleep 
  • boosts baby's immune function
  • stimulates baby's nervous system and encourages brain development
  • reduces cortisol (a stress hormone) levels
  • babies with lower cortisol levels have been shown to perform better at developmental tests (motor and mental)
  • in one study premature babies who received baby massage gained 47% more weight per day and were discharged 6 days earlier than those who were not. Follow up studies showed that the benefits were lasting
  • has been shown to be beneficial to mums who are suffering from postnatal depression
  • according to Australian research, infant massage develops a much deeper bond between fathers and their babies

Made by Australian company GAIA

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