We recommend you wash our garments at 30˚C for environmental reasons, but a 40˚C wash is fine as well. We do not recommend using any harsh chemicals such as bleach. They can be ironed and tumble dried on a low heat, but garments with printed designs would much rather be ironed inside out and dried out on the washing line!



Piccalilly organic cotton clothes are labelled to be washed at 40 degrees and can be tumble dryed. Tests have been carried out and it is safe to wash up to 60 degrees but as a sustainable business we do recommend ideally to love our planet and wash where possible at 30 degrees.



The gorgeous toys are machine washable at 40º.

Here are a few tips though:

  • Take their bows off first and wash separately. The bows are stitched (for safety standard reasons) in 2 places – centre front and centre back of the neck. Very carefully use scissors to snip the tack stitch between the neck and back of the bow in both places then pull the whole neck ribbon and bow off like a collar over the head of the toy. If you do accidentally wash the toy with the bow still on don’t worry, the colour won’t run at 40º, the ribbon might just fray a bit.
  • When they come out of the machine they will feel heavy and stiff as the cellulose fibre is wet, don’t worry this is normal and they will soften up as they dry
  • Put somewhere out of direct heat or sunlight to dry
  • Make sure they are thoroughly dry before popping back to bed with you
  • Don’t worry you won’t be the first parent to have bought a second back up toy to avoid sleepless nights because one is in the wash or has gone walkabouts, please call us for any sleepless replacement emergency, we understand!

After washing, if Tweet isn’t Tweeting  – it’s an easy fix!

The Tweet sound maker is a cylinder made from PBS plastic (Lego plastic) with a stainless steel spring and slider inside. After washing sometimes the slider gets stuck a bit. We know it’s a bit unceremonious but if you give Tweet a good bash a few times against a hard surface he will tweet again and be fine….well he might have a bit of a headache but he’ll be WILL be fine after a cuddle!! (Best not to do this in front of your child to prevent tears)

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to help further.


 Washing Tips - Organic Cotton
  • Warm machine wash with like colours in dissolved detergent on a cotton cycle 40 degrees celcius max
  • Only use non-chlorine bleach
  • Line or tumble dry on low heat
  • Towels generally need a warm wash first, then they become most absorbent after 4-5 washes


Roots & Wings Merino

Look after your merino

Caring for Roots & Wings organic merino is not complicated - they believe in making life easy for parents.

Follow these easy tips to keep your merino products looking good for as long as possible.

Always check the washing instructions as a few items do require hand wash (merino knitted products).

How to look after your organic merino wool


  • Wash your organic merino essentials in the machine on cold or wool programme.
  • Always use approved liquid wool detergent.
  • Use special stain removers if your garment is stained (beware of bleach!)
  • Replace washing with a good airing outside to get rid of minor dirt spots or just smell.
  • The merino's self-cleaning abilities will leave it fresh and ready for use after a bit of air.
  • Line dry or even tumble dry on low heat (do note that over time constant tumble drying with add extra wear and tear on your merino).


  • Use bleach of any kind. Some laundry powders contain whiteners that act like bleach, which will leave bleach spots and holes in your product.
  • Soak your merino product as that will destroy the wool fibres.
  • Hang your natural coloured merino or white merino in direct sunlight. They will turn yellow as they have not been treated by chemicals or dye.

If you do experience a bit of pilling don't be alarmed. This is just the short fibres leaving the surface. Once gone pilling will not re-appear on your merino garment. Roots & Wings Merino have chosen not to cover their garments with a synthetic coating so the short fibres will naturally appear and go away and you will be pill free after that.

Under the Nile

How should I go about cleaning one of your toys?
Our toys should not be immersed in water and left out to dry. They should be machine-washed and machine-dried thoroughly. This ensures that the organic cotton inside does not remain wet and allow mold to grow. If you put a bath towel in the dryer with the toy you are washing, it will dry much faster. 
The only time you would spot clean an Under the Nile toy is if it says 'spot clean' on the hangtag. The spot clean directions are for our larger toys that cannot be machine-washed. Again, do not immerse the toy in water-- only take a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wash away the spot that needs cleaning. 

What kind of detergent should I use on organic cotton?
Use a detergent that does not contain chlorine, phosphate, dyes, or phenols.just all-natural ingredients. There are many brands to choose from, depending on your personal preference. 


Just throw it in your washing machine! 100% Organic Cotton requires no special care, except avoiding high temperatures when washed & dried.