From Little Green Radicals:

"When Little Green Radicals began life our aim was to always to respect people and planet.

Fairtrade & our producers

Right from the beginning we used ethical supply chains and organic cotton. When the Fairtrade Foundation began discussions about certifying cotton we joined in the debate and were equal first to get Fairtrade certification in 2005, along with great brands like People Tree.

Today we are just as committed to doing things Fairtrade as we have always been, but things are a bit different today. For starters there are a lot more Fairtrade supply chains and they are also a bit more used to the commercial world. These make things a bit easier.

We make most of our organic clothes in India, and most of the cotton comes from Chetna and we work particularly with a delightful little team of people at Logotech, near Kolkata. Every year different certifying bodies come in to inspect the factory, for everything from their treatment processes for the clothes (organic certification checks that no nasty chemicals are used and that the stuff that goes into the environment doesn’t do it any harm) to pay and conditions for everyone.

We work with fantastic people like Ankita, who makes sure all our clothes look absolutely perfect.

Organic cotton

Little Green Radicals products are all made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton has many benefits but as way of producing cotton it provides its workers with a safe and sustainable method of farming. Non organic cotton goes through many chemically intensive processes which can still be found in the cotton fibre. So particularly for little ones who are prone to eczema, organic cotton is great as they wont have as many flare ups or reactions when they wear organic cotton.
All LGR organic products are certified to GOTS standard.(General Organic Textile Standard) This regulates cotton growing to organic standards and the ensures that the production process has a low impact on the environment."

Producers Images

Picture 4  Information reproduced from the Little Green Radical's website.