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The First Days | Your Hospital Stay | Backpack | Baby Bath/Nappy/Feed


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The First Days | Your Hospital Stay | Backpack | Baby Bath/Nappy/Feed


This fabulous new baby pack has been designed specifically for your baby's early days in hospital (and home!) Expecting a baby can be a stressful time and deciding what to take with you into hospital can be a challenge.

We have put together all of the essentials that your baby will need in a handy backpack - perfect for taking to the hospital, to make it easy for you. You can also relax knowing that everything is organic/eco-friendly and will give your newborn a fabulous start.


  • Gaia Natural Baby - Organic - Skin Care - Starter Pack - 5 x 50mL
  • Bambo - Eco-Disposable Nappies - 1 Pack (24, 28 or 30 depending on size chosen)
  • Simply Gentle - Organic - Baby Cleansing Pads - 60 piece pack
  • Babu - Organic Cotton - Burp Cloths - 2 pack
  • Onya - Backpack - Made from Recycled Bottles - Roo
  • Express Post delivery Australia-wide or Same Day Delivery to central Perth metro hospitals 


Organic Skin Care Pack

This fabulous organic skin care starter pack from Gaia is filled with the essentials that your baby will need in their early months. The easily refillable bottles usually last a few months and then are very handy for travelling, your nappy bag or visits to grandparents. You may choose to only take the bath & body wash and maybe the moisturiser into hospital or you might prefer to just take the whole pack as it is lovely and compact.

This Pack includes:
  • Baby Bath & Body Wash - 50mL
  • Baby Shampoo - 50mL
  • Baby Moisturiser - 50mL
  • Skin Soothing Lotion - 50mL
  • Baby Massage Oil - 50mL
  • Reusable zip lock 'wet pack'


It is generally recommended to take one pack of nappies into the hospital. Newborn babies generally require up to 12 nappies/day.

Although here at Baby Gift Works we are strong supporters of reusable/cloth nappies, the reality is that disposables can be the most practical solution in hospital, you can easily change to cloth nappies if you wish once you get home and have easy access to a washing machine, soaking buckets etc.

Multi-award winning Bambo Nature disposable nappies are as eco-friendly as a disposable baby nappy gets!

Bambo Nature eco nappies are ultra thin and super absorbent with a top dry layer that draws wetness away from baby’s delicate skin. Even with repeat wetting, your baby will stay dry and comfortable.

  • Super soft– new softer cloth-like back and top sheet
  • Super absorbent – top dry system draws moisture away
  • Thin & perfect fit – extra comfort and greater ease of movement with no leaks
  • Breathable – soft cloth-like back sheet allows air to circulate to skin to prevent irritation
  • Flexible – stretchy side panels to get that perfect fit
  • Multi-award winning - world-wide
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Made in Denmark

Which Size Nappy Should I Buy?

Size 0

  • For babies weighing 1-3kg
  • Generally for premature and low birth weight babies
  • 24 nappies per pack

Size 1

  • For babies weighing 2-4kg
  • Generally fits most babies at birth. Many babies will be born heavier than this, others will fit in this size for up to 3 months. Each baby is unique. 
  • Unless you have been told that your baby will be smaller or larger than this at birth, this is the safest size to take to hospital.
  • 28 nappies per pack

Size 2

  • For babies weighing 3-6kgs
  • This will be the nappy for your hospital bag if your baby is expected to be 4 or more kg or goes past the 40 week mark.
  • You will probably want a pack of this size on hand at home for when your baby grows out of size 1 (it tends to happen suddenly) or if you find that you need a larger (and therefore thicker) nappy at night time.
  • 30 nappies per pack

A nappy's fit is not just determined by your baby's weight, it will also be affected by whether they have slim legs, a plump bottom etc etc, every baby is different. Luckily Bambo Nature nappies are designed to accommodate babies in all their gorgeous shapes!

Cleansing Pads

One of the wonderful things about newborn babies is that they are tiny! 

This means that the recommended method of cleaning your baby at bath time and nappy change time is with super soft cleansing pads. These 100% organic cotton pads are used with water or oil to very gently clean your newborn's delicate skin.

As they are fabulously chemical-free, they are a lot more gentle than most nappy wipes which can mean less nappy rash.

  • 60 pieces per pack
  • 100% organic cotton (organic soils association certified)
  • Disposable (less washing to lug home)
  • Biodegradable
  • Not flushable
  • Non-toxic, free from chemicals
  • GMO free
  • Made in Poland

Burp Cloths

These fabulously absorbent and super soft organic cotton burp cloths are designed to protect your clothes and furniture from the milky burps and vomits that newborns have a habit of producing. They are also very handy for wiping up spills, using as tummy time cloths, as a bib and much more.

Created from double gauge 100% organic cotton muslin, they are very absorbent and so soft on baby's skin while being very practical.

You will find this wonderful 2 pack an essential in your newborn kit.

  • 2 burp cloths in matching cloth bag
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Each measures 45cm x 20-24cm
  • Warm machine wash
  • May be tumble dried
  • Designed in New Zealand
  • Made in India

GOTS organic certification


Hospitals really prefer that you don't take suitcases in, there really isn't enough room (even in a single room) and they get in the way. This ultra light backpack is ideal as it will pack down to nothing as you use it's contents. It is large enough to carry all of your baby's needs to hospital and then will continue to be handy for years after.

  • Unisex roo design
  • Made from 10 recycled plastic bottles
  • Lightweight and super tough
  • Large single compartment with zip closure
  • Small pocket on front
  • Headphone port
  • Carry/hang handle
  • Backpack size 12cm x 28cm x 42cm (14 litres)
  • Stuffable carry pouch with heavy-duty clip included
  • Cool handwashable
  • Made from 100% rPET - recycled drink bottles
  • Designed in Australia
  • Made in China to Onya's strict environmental standards

It is also perfect for sending dirty washing home!