10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Non-Organic Cotton for Your Baby

  1. Your baby's sensitive skin is vulnerable to irritation from residual chemicals (from the growing and production processes) found in conventional cotton clothing, bedding and toys.
  2. These chemicals can trigger allergies and cause your baby to develop skin rashes
  3. Formaldehyde is often used in cotton sheets and clothing to minimize wrinkles. Exposure to the residue found in clothes and bedding can cause rashes, headaches, respiratory symptoms including asthma attacks, as well as nose and throat irritation ... and that's in adults!
  4. Babies tend to mouth or chew anything in reach. Do you really want clothes and toys dyed with heavy metals in their mouths?
  5. Conventional cotton uses 3% of the world's farmland yet it uses 25% of the world's chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So what? Only 10% of these pesticides land on the cotton crops, the rest contaminate the surrounding soil, ground water (drinking water), plants and air, including that of surrounding towns and villages
  6. Your baby deserves to not live in a world where roughly 20,000 people are killled as a result of chemicals sprayed on non-organic cotton (according to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics)
  7. The US Environmental Protection Agency has labelled 7 of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton as 'possible', 'likely' or 'known' carcinogens
  8. Many of these clothes, toys and bedding are produced by women and young children in unsafe 'sweatshop' conditions for less than a living wage.
  9. Your baby would prefer the softness of organic cotton
  10.  Conventional cotton is much less durable than organic cotton due to the processing process.

So basically your baby deserves pure organic cotton for all his or her clothes, bedding, towels and soft toys. They also deserve to live in a world with less chemicals and you deserve to feel better about where those clothes have come from.

***note - when referring to organic cotton in this article I am referring to GOTS certified organic cotton


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