A world of wee - the environmentally friendly solution.

After years of cleaning up after toilet training accidents I found an amazingly simple solution - cheap white vinegar!

I use it to wipe up after puddles, soak bed sheets & clothes in until I can wash them, remove urine from carpet (applied to paper towel)- it disinfects and completely removes the smell.

I was rather dubious about this when I read about it in Shannon Lush's book "Spotless" a few years ago but it is fantastic. I have thrown away all those expensive and definately eco-unfriendly disinfectants/cleaning agents that I used to use.

I now get annoyed when I see the advertising for expensive cleaners and disinfectants that are completely unnecessary (I know they have to earn a buck as well but maybe it could be in a more eco-friendly way). Vinegar is also safer to have around young children - if they did manage to access it the most they will get is a sore tummy from the acid, I don't want to think about what would happen if they drank most of the products lining our supermarket shelves.


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