Eco-friendly Toy - what is it?

There are many things that contribute towards a toy being eco-friendly (and a huge price tag and labelling crying 'eco-friendly' isn't the only one. Before  I will stock a toy at Baby Gift Works, the toy must be safe, fun, non-violent, developmentally stimulating, appealing, reasonably priced and environmentally responsible.

So what makes an eco-friendly toy? Well, it ticks all the right boxes and will be sold on Baby Gift Works if it is:

  • Made from 100% certified organic cotton
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Made with metal or aluminium (easy to recycle)
  • Dyed with water-based or organic (plant-based) dyes (no toxic chemicals for baby or the earth)
  • Quality toys that last longer and can be passed on when a child grows out of it (less energy and materials used and by-products such as CO2 produced in creating more toys and less land-fill in discarding cheap, easily damaged toys)
  • Minimally packaged in packaging that is made from recycled materials and or is able to be recycled (our organic cotton gift wrapping, linen gift hampers and gift boxes are highly reusable)
  • Made from wood grown in managed forests

I also prefer toys that are fairtrade (socially responsible) and made in Australia (less carbon footprint) but the later is difficult - let me know if you know a local manufacturer of eco-friendly toys.


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