So what does GOTS certified mean to you?

You will find that most of Baby Gift Works' clothes and toys are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. But what does that mean to you? Well. there are two aspects to that question, what is GOTS certification and why would you want it?

Did you know?

  • Cotton accounts for 2.5% of the world's cultivated land yet uses 16% of the world's insecticides, more than any other single major crop
  • To make one t-shirt in the US it takes just under one pound of raw cotton which can take 1/3 pound of synthetic fertilizer to grow

What is GOTS certification?

GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. It is your guarantee that the clothes, toys and other essentials are free from any harmful chemicals or other substances and that they are made in a safe, non-sweatshop environment.

It guarantees that the product that you are buying is organic, not just claimed to be (like 'organic water' ??!!). Your assurance that you are getting what you pay for.

The standard:

  • applies to textiles
  • covers every stage of the product's production from the source (ie the growing of the cotton) to the finished product
  • each production phase is evaluated by an organic certifier, ensuring that the product really is organic and providing documentation of this
  • assures that employees are paid and treated fairly and work in a safe, clean environment
  • prohibits the use of ingredients like formaldehyde, GMOs, heavy metals, copper, fumigants, fluorocarbons, aromatic solvents, and chlorophenols in any part of the production process
  • raw materials known to be toxic (to the earth, the ozone layer, or any living organism) are also prohibited
  • explicitly requires that organic materials do not come in contact with non–organic materials

GOTS certified manufacturing plants are audited every year with surprise visits inbetween.

Samples are collected and tested for residue testing under the strictest laboratory standards.

So know we know that the item that we buying really is completely organic with no harmful substances and has been produced in safe non-sweatshop conditions, why do we care?

Why Organic Cotton?

  • It is softer and breathes better
  • It protects the delicate skin of babies from the harsh effects of chemicals found in conventional clothing and blankets. 
  • It is dyed with colours that are free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals
  • It is whitened using natural processes rather than bleach
  • It is much more durable as it is less processed than conventional cotton
  • It protects farmers, their families and their own food crops from the harmful effects of these chemicals
  • Farmers get a better (fair trade) price for their crop
  • The environment is not polluted by the chemicals used in processing conventional cotton
  • It uses less water than conventional or GM cotton

Normal cotton production 

  • uses pesticides, dyes, bleaches and formaldehyde. The residual chemicals in clothing can irritate skin and trigger allergies and eczema. Babies are most at risk as their skin is more porous and sensitive than adults.
  • pollutes the air and surface water through the chemicals used in cotton processing
  • decreases biodiversity and upsets the equilibrium of ecosystems due to the massive use of herbicides, artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • usually uses PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), a hazardous chemical known to cause kidney failure, developmental delay and hearing loss in children in it's dying processes
  • uses bleach to whiten
  • uses Formaldehyde to finish cotton fabrics. Young children and babies are very sensitive to formaldehyde and can develop skin rashes and coughing from wearing conventional cotton fabric.
Best for baby, the environment and the people who make the products  So by buying and using GOTS certified clothes, toys and other essentials, you are ensuring that the products you buy are not harming the environment, the workers who create them or the baby that you are buying them for. Look out for the GOTS certification, your guarantee of quality.


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