Reviews and What Do They Mean

Reviews and What Do They Mean

I was so excited to receive our 300th review yesterday, a milestone made even more fabulous by the fact that our average review is 5 out of 5 stars!

You may scoff and assume that these reviews were placed by our family and friends, or are the few carefully chosen out of thousands.  But no, these are all genuine reviews from genuine customers, given freely without any reward.

Each customer who places an order on the Baby Gift Works website receives an email requesting feedback on their experience. This involves clicking on a link and giving a rating out of 5 stars and writing a short blurb on your thoughts and experience. Your review is then automatically published to the website, positive or negative. I then reply to your review and if there are any issues raised I address them immediately.

You can see our most recent reviews scrolling across the bottom of each page on the Baby Gift Works website. If you would like to read all of our reviews and my replies, just click on the link to "see all reviews".

Google Reviews are another important way of sharing your experiences with other shoppers. These are completely independent and require to you log into your Google account to place your feedback. The reviews then appear when a search result for Baby Gift Works comes up. To place a Google review you don't have to of actually bought anything at the store that you are reviewing.

Reviews are a really important way of sharing your experiences with others and are a wonderful way for you to support small businesses who actually care about the individual customer. They also help to weed out those businesses who are less quality or service orientated.

So thank you to those 300 wonderful customers who have reviewed Baby Gift Works and helped us to be the best that we can and thank you to all those future reviewers. It makes it all worthwhile.





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