Out of Stock Items - BACK IN STOCK

Out of Stock Items - BACK IN STOCK

Update: All of our hampers are back in stock with many new ones coming soon.


I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. You may have noticed that many of our beautiful mum and baby gift hampers and gift boxes have become out of stock over the holidays. Unfortunately many of our suppliers have been closed until this weeks so it will take another week or two to get everything back in stock.

Many of our beautiful hampers are out of stock as the Biologika fragrance free soap, and our small and medium sized hampers are out of stock. The other items are generally fully available. If you are happy to have another soap/item substituted, email kyla@babygiftworks.com.au or choose a 'create your own' or 'custom hamper'.

We have new season Frugi and summer Babu stock arriving over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for some lovely new mum and baby gift options.



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