Out of Stock! Now back in stock.

Out of Stock! Now back in stock.

Update: Back in stock!

Baby Gift Works is currently out of stock of Babu grey trimmed baby towels. We have a new shipment in transit which should arrive sometime this week (starting Monday 23rd Sept 2019).

Unfortunately many of our favourite baby hampers and baby gift boxes feature these towels and so are out of stock until the new towels arrive.

If you had your heart set on one of these baby hampers or gift boxes, give us an call or email kyla@babygiftworks and we will custom a replacement for the towel in the hamper to your needs.

The Babu pink trim baby towels are still in stock so if you are happy with one of these in your hamper, let us know and we can easily substitute it.

Alternatively Baby Gift Works is always happy to create a custom hamper for you from scratch or you could create your own hamper.


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