New Stock and Out of Stock

New Stock and Out of Stock

Goodness what a couple of months it has been. So many changes for everyone in the world. For us it has been a battle trying to keep our most popular hampers and mum pamper items in stock over the past 3 months. I thought that I would let you know where we are at the moment.

Super popular with mums and dads, our Babu essentials range is running very low on stock and some of the most popular items are out of stock. These items are also the basic components for many of our most popular hampers so you will see lots of changes happening with the components of the hampers until stock issues resolve.

We have a few grey fox clothing items on order but these will probably take weeks to arrive. Babu are awaiting new stock to arrive but until it does, we cannot get any more stock of their other lovely items.

To fill in the gap we have some gorgeous new muslins and face washers from Australian brand, Love & Lee on their way. Eco-friendly and ethical, Love & Lee's lovely offerings each have a beautiful toy inside the packaging, ideal for the nursery shelf or for and older sibling to create. Watch for these to arrive mid June.

Also arriving in mid June is the latest Frugi. It has taken a very long time to get here with the freight restrictions and shut downs resulting from Covid-19 but it is nearly here! So many gorgeous offerings to love!

Enough for now, keep an eye out for the beautiful new products which should be on the website soon and new hampers and gift boxes.



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