New from Maud'n'lil - Xmas and Birthdays Sorted!

New from Maud'n'lil - Xmas and Birthdays Sorted!

Have you met our new giant organic cotton bunnies from Maud'n'lil? These premium quality bunnies sit a massive 40cm high and are as soft as marshmellow to cuddle. They are made from GOTS certified organic cotton velour, filled with biodegradable GMO free natural corn fibre and dyed using Approved Eco processing and dyeing. No chemicals are used in the dyeing process. The result is a gorgeous, eco-friendly and baby/child-safe soft toy.

At the moment we have Ears (the white bunny with a taupe neck bow) in stock but Oscar (blue) and Rose (pink) will be joining him soon.

These adorable toys are perfect friends to cuddle and make ideal baby shower, new baby, Christmas and first or second birthday gifts.


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