Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

Is bamboo eco-friendly?

There is so much to love about bamboo, it is a fast growing grass that doesn't require pesticides to flourish in it's native environments, it has natural antibacterial properties and can create fabrics that feel divine. So why should you think twice before buying bamboo products?

Unfortunately most bamboo products on the market have been created using an intensive chemical process that can be harmful to the people who create the fabrics, the environment and the end-user.

Exceptions to this are Oeko-Tex certified products, which are very rare in bamboo products. Instead you will see products labelled as "100% bamboo" and "eco-friendly". Unfortunately unless they have Oeko-tex certification these fabrics usually have been created using harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the producers, environment and user of the product. The Oeko-tex certification ensures that the product that you are buying is free from harmful chemicals.

All bamboo products on Baby Gift Works are certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.

Is organic cotton any better? Absolutely! Organic cotton uses less water to produce than tradition cotton, is much more durable (than traditional cotton or bamboo) so will last for much longer, is chemical free, which is safer for the farmers growing the cotton, the people who create the fabric and the garments, and the baby who will be using the clothes or accessories.

Organic cotton fabrics, like other natural fabrics, breathe beautifully which helps to avoid overheating in newborns and makes wearing the fabric much more comfortable. Not all organic cotton is equal though.  There is a clear difference in softness between premium quality organic cotton, such as used by premium brands such as Frugi and cheaper 'organic cotton' products sold through supermarkets or discount stores.

To ensure that you are getting genuinely organic cotton, check for the GOTS certification label (present on most of the organic cotton items sold at Baby Gift Works). This certification is recognized as the 'best' and covers the production and manufacturing process, ensuring that the process is ethical and that there are no harmful chemicals involved. Alternatively Oeko-tex certifies that fabrics are free of harmful chemicals through the processing chain.

So try genuine quality organic cotton baby products from Baby Gift Works, feel the difference and get the best value for your dollar while protecting the planet and the ones you love.


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