Compostable  Shipping Satchels Trial

Compostable Shipping Satchels Trial

Exciting news at Baby Gift Works' headquarters! As a part of our shipping changes we are trialing new home compostable shipping satchels. We think that these eco-friendly shipping satchels are the bees knees when it comes to postal satchels.

Our satchels are made from veggies, well, corn to be precise. Corn that is unfit for human consumption. A little man-made binding agent is added to create flexibility and voila you have a tough, waterproof shipping satchel that will fully breakdown in home (or commercial) compost in around 6 months. Best of all, they are certified worm-safe so you can add them to your worm farm. Visit our satchel information page for more detail of the components.

We currently have 2 sizes of satchel, a tiny envelope size and a massive size large enough to fit even our largest gifts. The larger satchels have a double seal and guidelines of where to cut, making them fully reusable (or you could use as a kitchen bin liner).

The current satchels are black to prevent them from being see through (if they were thicker they would not breakdown so quickly in your compost).

These satchels are produced by an Aus/NZ business who have their headquarters in New Zealand and are committed to protecting the environment that we live in and the people and animals who live in it. The Better Packaging Co. takes their ethical and social responsibilities seriously. You can read more on their sustainability promise, policy brief and purpose on their website.

At last we are free of the plastic AusPost satchels that we were obliged to use in the past. We are really keen about these satchels but would love to hear your thoughts about them.  Please email with your feedback about these satchels when you receive one.



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