Beautiful Organic Cotton Fabric Gift Wrapping - Updated

Beautiful Organic Cotton Fabric Gift Wrapping - Updated

Baby Gift Work's beautiful gift wrapping with eco-friendly organic cotton fabric is always popular. Not only does look amazing, but it also is eco-friendly and very re-usable. We offer this gift wrapping for free on small gifts and many of our hampers are lined with, then wrapped in this fabulous fabric. We hate to think of our pure organic cotton items being wrapped in anything else!

So it is very exciting to have new stock of (GOTS Certified) organic cotton fabric from Monaluna, our favourite brand, Monaluna. We welcome back some classic designs and greet some fabulous new ones.

Beautiful Organic Cotton Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping with organic cotton fabric

Gift Wrapping Fabric Options

Houses   Neutral organic cotton gift wrapping   Happy Patch organic cotton fabric

  Blue Peacock organic cotton fabric  Farmyard organic cotton fabric  Embroidery organic cotton fabric

At Baby Gift Works we take great care to ensure that the fabric (and card) that we select suits your gift perfectly. However, if you have a particular preference, just add a note to cart or email us us on ordering and we will do our best to oblige.

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


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