Beautiful New Organic Cotton Baby Toys from Maud n Lil

Maud'n'Lil have done it again. They have managed to create the most beautiful baby gifts ever! Sticking to the popular Ears the Bunny theme, they have added a donut and a stick rattle as well as comforter (that doubles, or should I say, triples as a blankie and dummie minder) in pink, blue and grey varieties. Each toy is adorable, fabulous quality and very tasteful. They are all fantastic value with the rattles priced at $14.95 (and unlike most smaller toys, are easily enough for a whole present) and the beautifully gift boxed comforter $23.95. Grab yours today before they hop away.

Grey ears the bunny organic baby comforter toy in gift box    Pink ears the bunny donut organic baby rattle    Blue ear the bunny organic baby stick rattle


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