Bamboo baby and mum clothes - smart yet comfortable for Spring dressing

Well, I don't know about the rest of Australia but the weather can't make it's mind up here in Perth, Spring one minute, Winter the next! Dressing babies at this time of year needs lots of layers and breathable fabrics. This way you can avoid baby overheating or getting cold Both organic cotton and bamboo are ideal for these conditions. Organic cotton and bamboo layer really well and breathe so baby won't get sweaty when the sun comes out.

I am loving my Bamboo Body clothes. No matter what the weather (or how it changes during the day) I stay a comfortable temperature all through my busy day. I have never worn anything so comfortable - even on 'fat' days. They always look stylish, taking me gracefully from the sports oval, lunch, business meetings to school pickup. I have some gorgeous Bamboo Body mum items for sale at Baby Gift Works.

Have a look at the lovely Bamboo Body baby basics on Baby Gift Works. Toddlers are lucky enough to have some silky soft bamboo t-shirts on My youngest son will vouch for how snuggly soft they are - he loves them!

But you can't go wrong with any of the clothes on either website, they are all super soft and breathable and easy to layer.. perfect for Spring!

ps if you are in the parts of Australia experiencing higher temperatures (NSW, NT etc), check out our gorgeous Frugi and Piccalilly Summer baby clothes - perfect for keeping baby looking great while staying cool!


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