Getting there

Well, the website is slowly taking shape. The mum sections are waiting for some extra goodies that should arrive in a few months. I hope you like all the cute baby photos that I've added. My eldest son even gets a look in on the Welcome page (can you guess which one he is?)

I've put in some late nights trying to get the layout right but if you see any errors, feel free to let me know.

Hopefully I'll get some photos of the bundle wrapping up this weekend, if not, it will be early next week. 

Baby Gift Works is now on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pin It, so feel free to like us on any of these or to contact us via your favourite. I also get back to emails very quickly between 7am and 10pm Western Australian time.

We now have feedback stars below each product, it would be great if you could use them once you have received one of our fab gifts.

Until next time, happy gifting!


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