Gorgeous New Plan Toys - Sustainable Toys for this Christmas

Gorgeous New Plan Toys - Sustainable Toys for this Christmas

Plan Toys are gorgeous quality toys that are sustainably created and made to last. They are made from eco-friendly rubberwood trees and are completely non-toxic from the dyes to the glues used in their manufacture in Trang, Thailand. As a company, Plan Toys use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and principles and are involved in various child and reforestation initiatives.

 Plan Toys - Eco-friendly - Sorting Boat (18 months +)

All packaging is made from recycled/recyclable paper and printed with soy-based ink.

Plan Toys Rocket

Best of all, they create toys that look great, are so fun to play with in a variety of way and stimulate childrens' brain, skill and social devopement.

Hopping Rabbit from Plan Toys

I am so excited to announce a NEW range of Plan Toys joining the shelves at Baby Gift Works. These gorgeous new toys are aimed at children 12 months +, 18 months + and 3 years +, making them ideal for the older baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Great for Christmas, birthdays and as sibling gifts on the birth of a new baby.

Plan Toys - Eco-friendly - Cup and Ball (3 years +)

I have to admit that I rather enjoyed having a play with the new stock as I was checking the quality and safety and had to stand aside for my 6 year old who thought that they were 'awesome' and had spent quite some time assembling and playing with a number of the stacking toys.

Flower Set - Plan Toys

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