Why Wrap in Organic Cotton Fabric?

Baby Gift Works wraps our gifts in organic cotton fabric. You might ask why. The tissue paper and wrapping paper used by other retailers can look lovely and is definately a much cheaper option for the retailer. However, here at Baby Gift Works we have chosen to use organic cotton fabric instead. There are a number of reasons:

  1. It looks absolutely lovely!
  2. It gives a beautiful, quality finish to your gift
  3. It is totally reusable (since when do you actually reuse wrapping paper?) We have been told of people who frame our gift wrapping fabric for their baby's room and others have created some amazing accessories for their baby and their nursery.
  4. Why wrap beautiful, organic cotton baby gifts in paper that has been treated with chemicals, it just seems silly. 
  5. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option
  6. Traditional Japanese fabric gift wrapping (furoshiki) is an art that has been around for many years

So, organic cotton fabric giftwrapping fits in beautifully with Baby Gift Works' ethos of quality, environmentally-friendly and sustainable gifts that are safe for mum and bub and don't cost the earth.

Discover Baby Gift Works' gift wrapping options here.

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