Welcome the New (and Improved!) Baby Gift Works Website!

As I write this, Baby Gift Work's new website has been live for just over 24 hours. I hope that you like it!

I hope that it will make shopping at Baby Gift Works so much easier and fun. Hopefully it will be easier to find the thousands of beautiful quality items that we stock (and help them find their way to a loving owner;) )

So far there have been only a couple of minor glitches. Please email kyla@babygiftworks.com.au with any issues that you come accross (a special treat will come your way) so that I can resolve them straight away.

I will also be offering 10% discount off storewide for one week to our newsletter subscribers, to celebrate. So if you aren't on the list...time to sign up! It is now ultra easy - just scroll to the bottom of any page on the website and put your email in the Newsletter box.

While I am chatting, just a warning that the amazing sale on the gorgeous quality Little Green Radicals organic cotton range is coming to an end. Get in quick before prices rise. 

Thanks for all your support over the past couple of years, lets enjoy lots of gorgeous quality organic cotton, bamboo and eco-friendly delights for the next few :)


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