Why Are We Different?

Before you buy that attractively presented baby gift at a price that you would prefer to pay, just ask a couple of questions.

What is the quality of the items?

Many of those items are designed solely to sell easily and quickly. Once received they end up sitting at the bottom of the drawer or back of the wardrobe. If actually used, their life is short and they will quickly end up in landfill, a total waste of your money and the effort and resources used to produce them.

Baby Gift Works only stocks premium quality items at a reasonable price. Everything that we sell has been created to last, be loved and to be used, again and again, often for baby after baby.

How were they made? Where were they made?

Does the gift company even know where they were made or by whom? A cheap price means that the product was made cheaply and this generally means that sweat-shop (often child) labour has been used. Fair trade, adult workers and safe working conditions costs more money. You get what you pay for.

Baby Gift Works knows and tells you exactly where our baby clothes and essentials come from and they are all fair trade, non-sweatshop. We don't think that we should force children and adults to work in unsafe conditions for starvation pay rates so that we can save a few dollars.

We also support Australian manufacturers where possible. We only use manufacturers with an impecable track record for eco/societal ethics and quality.

Are they enviro-friendly?

Many companies tout the fact that they are 'green' - they use boxes with recycled content (yay!), electricity generated from renewable sources (excellent!) But what about their products? Do they use gift boxes with glossy white (or other colour) plastic coatings? Do they use excessive packaging and non recycled plastics? Are their clothes and toys made from conventional cotton (Google conventional cotton versus organic cotton for the full story) or artificial fibres that come at a high environmental cost?

Baby Gift Works uses minimal packaging, all as eco-friendly as possible (including our mail satchels for parcels under 500g - which are biodegradable). We offer hampers that are genuinely reusable (that won't just sit at the back of the cupboard). All our products  undergo stringent assessment for their environmental impact, durability and yes we do recycle and run our business in the most enviro-friendly way possible. 

Are they baby-friendly?

Cute cuddly toys and baby clothes that look great in a photo - but what are they made of? Artificial fibres and conventional cotton contain chemicals that can cause irritation and other problems. Organic cotton and bamboo are softer, breathe better (for better temperature control and comfort) and are less irritant to delicate and allergy-prone skin. Organic cotton also lasts longer than conventional cotton thanks to the way that it is processed.

Baby Gift Works baby products are baby-friendly. Most are certified organic at the highest level. This means they have been producted from seed to garment/toy in the most enviro/baby/society-friendly way possible and without any contact with toxic chemicals...unlike that cute teddy/onesie with the cheaper price.

Do they really offer good service/next day delivery?

It's only after you pay that you find out how reliable a gift company is. Many claim to have Australia-wide next day shipping...read the fine print. This is only possible at a huge extra cost, if at all possible for many parts of Australia. Does it apply to weekends? Is it really necessary for the gift to arrive the next day? Many parents appreciate gifts more when they arrive a week or so after the birth rather than being bombarded just as they are recovering from the birth and discovering their newborn.

Baby Gift Works offers free express post on all orders $80 plus. This usually means next day delivery but always means fast delivery. We also post within 24 business hours, not all businesses do this. We make to order and are very flexible about what we put in our gifts - just ask - or create your own gift from scratch with our easy-to-use gift wrapping options.

As to personalised service, have a look at the reviews on our website. These are all genuine customers reviews (and every review we have ever received is there - the good, bad and the ugly - well we haven't ever received a bad review but it would be there if we did!) Before and after sales service is important to us and it shows.

So the old adage stands true - you get what you pay for and it's worth asking a few extra questions before you fork out your money.


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