Should we give cards and gifts to premature babies?

People often wonder if it is appropriate to give the parents of premature babies congratulations cards and gifts straight away.

Yes is the answer. Being the parent of premature babies is a tough gig. Any piece of pleasure that you can give them is worth it's weight in gold. Cards will be treasured no matter what the future holds and acknowledgement and celebration of their little one's arrival is vital. 

What are suitable gifts? Well, everything. Like all babies, premmies will eventually grow into anything. Organic cotton and bamboo are ideal as they are non irritating to delicate premmie skin. If you would prefer to avoid clothes, blankets and toys are a great gift. Massage oil is fabulous as massage allows important emotional and physical contact between parents and baby. Research has also found that massage can help premature babies to gain weight, resulting in shorter hospital stays (yay!)

Gifts that spoil mum and dad and encourage them to take a little time to relax away from NICU can help ease their journey.

Ideal gifts are not limited to those in Baby Gift Works' new premature baby collection ( We love to help you give the ideal gift, either mix and match your own, using the gift wrapping options or email for help in creating your perfect gift.


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