Why are you putting Summer clothes on the website? It's Autumn!

You may notice that a range of fabulous Frugi Summer organic cotton baby clothes are arriving on the Baby Gift Work's website. A bit odd you might think when most people are thinking of Winter woolies as the weather cools down.

Well, there are a number of reasons for this.

1. Frugi is a British label so their latest release clothes are their Summer range.

I have decided to put these on the website so that you get the opportunity to access these clothes. As more and more people discover what fantastic value for money Frugi clothes are, and fall in love with their fun designs, Frugi is starting to sell out of some lines as they are released.

By the time it is spring downunder all the popular designs will have sold out. Baby Gift Works has already sold out of several sizes in several romper designs. As Frugi has sold out of these themselves, it is impossible to buy more. Baby Gift Works is giving you the opportunity to access the most popular designs before that happens.

By the time the sales come, there will be very slim pickings. (Sad for all of us!)

2. Many people buying baby gifts like to buy clothes in larger sizes (such as 3-6 months or 6-12 months) as new mums and dads generally have bought all they need in the smaller sizes and tend to receive lots of clothes in these sizes. Then once bub grows (which happens so quickly!) they don't have any clothes and need to buy more. If you are buying in larger sizes, you need to take into account the seasons. So a baby due to be born in June will need summer clothes for the 6-12 month sizing in most parts of Australia, or even the 3-6 month sizes for warmer spots.

3. You can stock up for next summer in the appropriate sizes. Just remember that Frugi sizes are generally very generous so babies generally get much longer wear from them than the sizing suggests.

4. Frugi spring and summer clothes are often suitable for warmer parts of Australia in autumn and winter. Some (like the reversible fleece jumpers) are even suitable for Tasmania mid-winter!

5.  We love to cater for everybody! Sometimes it is pretty hard to find summer clothes for overseas travel or warmer parts of Australia in the middle of winter. Our quick delivery (free express post for orders $80+) means that you can have the latest baby clothes that you need in no time.

Don't worry if you don't want or need summer clothes! We also have a wonderful range of Frugi (and other fabulous brands from Australia and overseas) winter clothes for you. Happy shopping!


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