Gorgeous new Frugi organic cotton clothes have arrived!

There is nothing better than receiving a new Frugi shipment. Being school holidays my boys get in on the act, Mr 7 reading out the invoice and Mr 4 years counting the stock. They get as excited as I do (especially if there is a treat for them in there.) This time it was Frugi undies - Mr 4 finds undies and boxers very uncomfortable and it's a battle to get him to wear them. Now he is hooked - he just finds these so comfortable - I must get them for the website.

Every Frugi order I am amazed at the quality and still continue to be surprised at how the clothes look even better than the photos.It always gets my creative juices flowing and I can't wait to get new gift bundles up on the website. So far we have one new bundle - Raspberry Owl Organic Delights. Check it out: http://www.babygiftworks.com.au/collections/new-to-store

Individual items should be on the website soon.



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