10 Reasons Why Your Baby Will Love Merino… and You Too!

10 Reasons Why Your Baby Will Love Merino… and You Too!

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With the onset of cooler weather not that far away, it is time to be looking for clothing and nursery essentials that will keep your little one cosy. Every parent asks themselves what will be best for their baby. Well merino is definitely our favourite winter fabric (though it’s not just for winter)!

  1. Merino wool is a natural fibre that is sustainable and biodegradable.
  2. Merino wool keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot thanks to it’s ability to react to body temperature changes.
  3. Importantly for your baby, merino wool breathes well. This helps ensure that your baby won’t overheat while their temperature regulatory systems are developing. This also prevents sweating that often occurs in babies dressed in synthetic fibres.
  4. Merino wool is naturally flame resistant making it the safest option for nightwear. It has the slowest burn time of all sleepwear materials.
  5. You can machine wash merino wool … yes it is that easy. Check the garment label first but as a rule of thumb wash on a delicate cycle with a wool detergent.
  6. Merino wool clothing and essentials last and last, making it very cost-effective. My children had two merino long sleeve tops which came out every holiday and camping trip for 5 years. Their lightness and warmth made them ideal for travel. Eventually they had to be passed on to a new owner (against the protests of my boys) when they only came halfway up their arms.
  7. Merino wool clothing is very lightweight making it extremely comfortable to wear.
  8. Merino wool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture, up to three times its own weight without feeling damp. This ability to draw moisture away from your baby’s skin, allowing it to harmlessly evaporate, also increases comfort.
  9. Merino wool is naturally stain resistant which means less washing for you to do!
  10. Merino wool will never need ironing as its fibres naturally stretch with you then bounce back to its original shape. This also allows babies to move freely without being restricted by the fabric of their clothing. The softness of the fibres used today prevents the prickliness of wool in years gone by. It is actually now a beautiful fabric to wear next to the skin.

If you are not sure about the benefits of merino after reading this, just try one small piece and see what you think … I am pretty sure that you will be hooked for life! If you want to know where to find merino wool baby items, visit our Babu Basics and Merino pages


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